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yoga and mindfulness
at your workplace

Certainly you’ve noticed that mindfulness is a big buzz word right now. Mindfulness is not just a corporate trend, but a proven method for success.
It is no secret that yoga and meditation provide countless benefits to people of all walks of life. From stress reduction to pain management, from increased focus to elevated feelings of well-being, mind-body practices improve and enhance our lives.

why bring mind-body wellness to your workplace?

Healthy employees are also happier and more productive. Yoga and meditation are great additions to your wellness benefits because of their unique ability to quickly and efficiently reduce stress -- a contributing factor to heart disease, headaches, back pain, obesity and depression.

While yoga and meditation cannot eliminate the stress, they will provide tools and techniques to better manage the pressures of work and everyday life. By bringing mind-body wellness to your office, you become a partner in your employees’ health and wellbeing.

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There is a mindfulness movement going on!
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Any of these Stressless in Seattle sessions can be part of a Health & Wellness benefit package you offer to your employees. Providing regular sessions shows your employees that their health and wellness is your priority!
These can be group classes or one-on-one private sessions.

how to book sessions

What is easiest for you? Email or call 425-681-5561 or fill out the form below.

Once or twice weekly sessions are recommended. It can also be once a month or just a one-time wellness event.
If you’re considering booking a series of sessions I do offer a complimentary introduction class. No obligation. Contact me now to set one up!

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group class options

30 minutes
It is a modern day mindfulness experience. It was created for the workplace, for those whose bodies sit still while their minds are busy.  
During your MINDFRESH session we reverse that, the body finds movement and the mind finds stillness.  Amazingly, you emerge with energy and focus. Decrease the stress and increase productivity.
Accessible to everyone. No max number of participants, no mat or clothes change needed

Mindful Movement
30 minutes
Movement to freshen up your workday. Done from a chair and standing, this class is a fusion of traditional yoga poses and contemporary movement. Move and stretch to release tightness and tension from the body, reverse the effects of sitting still all day. Moving and breathing in rhythm will make you feel lighter, brighter and more alert.
Come as you are, no clothes change needed.

Slow Flow Yoga
50 minutes.
Move the body, still the mind. Designed for the workplace, this class is a fun and efficient sequence of movements. There will be a blend of deep stretching and strengthening. These mindful movements will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Wear clothes you can move in and bring a yoga mat.

~~ yoga and movement ~~
These sessions listed above are designed for those want to move their bodies and undo the effects of sitting for hours. Participants will learn techniques to improve posture to help avoid the keyboard hunch, to release tension from the body and the mind.

Or maybe you just want
private sessions
One-on-one just for you… click here