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Usually I leave yoga classes totally stressed out but last night I had a peacefulness about me that was wonderful... you are a great teacher!
— A. L.

MINDFRESH at the Workplace

it’s movement and meditation


MINDFRESH is the standard in corporate mindfulness.
It is a modern day mindfulness experience. In 30 minutes the body moves and the mind finds stillness. You will emerge with energy and focus.
Simple, yet powerful.

Taking breaks during the workday with movement has proven to be an effective way of relieving tension and stress, and becoming more refreshed and focused. Sitting at a desk for long stretches of time can develop chronic physical issues down the road. You can prevent that.

Business persons meditating at the office. Stressless in Seattle.



MINDFRESH is a modern day mindfulness experience. It was created for people whose bodies sit still most of the day while their minds are busy multitasking. During your MINDFRESH session we reverse that; the body finds movement and the mind finds stillness.


MINDFRESH sessions are 30 minutes
There is movement to release tension from the body.
There is breathwork to calm the body and mind.
There is a guided meditation to find peace in your mind.

All that is needed is a quiet room and a chair for everyone. No clothes change or mat necessary. These sessions are accessible to everybody. No experience required. Amazingly everyone will emerge refreshed with clarity and focus. Happy!

Practicing mindfulness can lead to many wonderful things, like becoming more decisive, productive, and less reactive. Stress less! We teach mindfulness at companies because it keeps each of us connected to our own sense of purpose (which is very easy to lose in the everyday hustle).


These yoga sessions are appropriate for all levels. We offer a slow-flow vinyasa or yin yoga style classes which will be tailored to meet the needs of the participants. One of the many benefits of yoga is that it is a workout for both the body and the mind. There is a reason yoga has survived the test of time…It works!

How to Book A Session

Any of these Stressless in Seattle sessions can be part of a Health & Wellness benefit package you offer to your employees. Providing regular sessions shows your employees that their health and wellness is your priority!
Once or twice weekly sessions are recommended. It can also be once a month or just a one-time wellness event.
If you’re considering booking a series of sessions I do offer a complimentary introduction class. No obligation. Contact me now to set one up!

Email me or use the form on this page to start the booking process. I will contact you to discuss details, scheduling, pricing, etc.


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