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Chris Brain Maloney - Yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher
I am passionate about yoga and meditation and I want to share it with you!
— Chris Maloney
Chris Brain Maloney is a yoga and meditation teacher.


Chris has led hundreds of hours of yoga and meditation to people just like you. Her goal is for you to let go of the tension and stress, find your strength, and find peace and ease in your body and in your life. She specializes in corporate yoga programs, private yoga classes, workshops and special events.

I am a Seattle native and proud of it. What a beautiful place to call home! I first found yoga around 2006 when I was a single mom of two teenagers. I was drawn to the way you could have a physically active class, yet always feel so serene at the end. What a great way to unwind! I kept coming back for more. 

As time allowed I took it more seriously, and knew I must share this! It is a calling for me. In 2012 I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Shakti Yoga. After many hours of research, study, workshops and teaching, I have found my passions - I love teaching variations of vinyasa yoga, both in private settings and group classes. And I love bringing mindfulness meditation into your workplace.  

Yoga is a journey and the learning always continues. I am excited for what comes next! I have been teaching since 2013 and enjoy every minute of it!
My inspiration comes from my students. I share with you a few testimonials I am proud to have receive:
last night I had a peacefulness about me that was wonderful. You are a great teacher!
…Chris brings solid advice on technique, a sense of humor, and an abundance of patience to each session
…Her class is a much needed part of my day where I get to focus on myself and mindfulness; it is a breath of fresh air during the work week.


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